We have installed the following plugins for you:
  • AdvertMessages - allows to set up messages which are broadcasted in a configured interval.
  • BetterChat - Manage chat groups, customize colors, and add titles
  • BetterLoot - A complete re-implementation of the drop system
  • ConnectMessages - Provides connect and disconnect messages
  • CraftingController - Allows you to modify the time spend crafting and which items can be crafted
  • DeathNotes - Broadcasts deaths to chat along with detailed information
  • EventRandomizer - Random timers for Airdrops, Cargo Ship, Patrol Helicopter, and Chinook
  • FurnaceSplitter - Splits up ores into equal stacks when you put them into furnaces
  • Inbound - Notifies all players when a attack helicopter, cargo plane, cargo-ship or supply drop is inbound.
  • InfoPanel - GUI panel with in-game clock, online players, sleepers and custom messages, etc.
  • Kits - Item kits, autokits, kit cooldowns, and more
  • LoadingMessages - Shows your own customizable texts on the loading screen
  • PlayerRankings - Automatically gives players ranks based on playtime
  • PlayerRanks - see your Stats
  • PlaytimeTracker - Tracks playtime and AFK time of players with a built-in reward system
  • QuickSmelt - Increases the speed of the furnace smelting
  • RemoverTool - Building and entity removal tool
  • StackSizeController - Allows setting the max stack size of every item
  • TimeOfDay - Alters the day and night duration
  • Welcomer - Provides welcome and join/leave messages
  • ZLevelsRemastered - Allows player to level up 5 different skills (Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting, Skinning, Aquire)

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